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Complete Financial Planning

At Cottonwood Associates Inc. in Sharon, PA and Warren, OH, we specialize in business and individual retirement planning and estate planning. We also specialize in revocable trusts and irrevocable life insurance trusts that generate tax free income to the estate to pay all estate taxes. The trusts are done by attorneys that we work with.

We also specialize in fixed guaranteed indexed annuities that lock in any credited interest automatically. Once any indexed interest, fixed interest or bonus is credited to your annuity’s values, it can never be lost due to market index volatility. Your premium, credited interest and bonus are never subject to market index loss. A downturn in the market index(es) cannot reduce your contract values. However, if you surrender your contract before the contract anniversary date, a surrender charge would be applied, and you would lose a portion of the bonus that is not invested.

Let Us Secure Your Future

Call us today for more information about our financial services. We believe that most people are frustrated about money and don't know where to go for the best advice. Money doesn't come with an owner's manual; therefore you have a lot of choices of financial firms. Allow us to earn your trust to help you achieve your financial goals.